BART launches official app for riders


BART launched an official app for riders on Monday.

It’s their first official app to help people get around on the trains.

It’s hard to believe BART has never had an official app for riders to plan their trips and get updates on service and stations before now.

BART did create and release the BART Watch app, but that’s just for passengers to report criminal or suspicious activity.

The new BART app was created to be a one-stop shop for all things BART.  

There is a fare calculator, so you can see exactly how much it will cost to get from one station to another. 

The app offers real-time departure and delay information.  It will display updated information on all the stations including the current state of the escalators,  elevators, cycle parking, and the car parking lots.  

BART built in a comprehensive, detailed trip planner for users of this app, meaning wherever you may be to where you are going, you see everything you need to get there, including walking and bike paths.

And if you need any buses, ferries, or Caltrain rides on either end of your journey, that will be listed out as well. You can save favorite trips and stations for quick viewing, and if you want to help improve the riding experience, there is a  “report a biohazard feature” for items like needles or messes that need immediate cleanup. 

And lastly, there is a news tab where you can see the latest big news affecting BART riders, like what the train schedule for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday will be.  

KRON4 had a good experience on Monday playing around with the new BART app.

It was fast, easy, smooth, and it did what it said.



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