SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — BART has installed temporary fencing around the northeast and southwest plazas of the 24th Street Mission Station on Wednesday in an effort to reduce illegal street vending in the area, according to a press release.

The temporary fencing narrows the station’s footprint as San Francisco implements a new street vendor permitting system under the city’s new street vending ordinance.

The station will continue to be fully accessible while the fencing is in place, including all entrances and the elevator. The fencing will remain in place for 60 days.

The ordinance, which was passed in March, outlines parameters such as location and time frames under which street vendors must operate. Violations of the ordinance will be met with fines or confiscation of goods but not criminal charges.

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Mayor London Breed has said that the goal of the ordinance is to limit the sale of stolen goods while supporting “legitimate” street vending.

The plazas around BART’s 24th Street Mission Station have been “an area of concern for city officials, members of the public” and BART riders, the press release states. “The plazas at 24th Street offer a vibrant public space and we look forward to working with the city to reopen them while providing a safe welcoming environment.”

District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen, who represents the Mission neighborhood on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, lamented the fence in a series of tweets Wednesday evening after the installation. She called it a “temporary solution.”

“While it is never my desire to close public space the situation at 24th & Mission BART plaza has become untenable & is causing problems for the whole neighborhood,” Ronen stated. “It infuriates me to see a once beautiful & vibrant community space overrun by open-air drug markets & vendors selling stolen goods.”