Bay Area 2015 Election Day coverage


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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Tuesday is an election day, with a scattering of significant races and ballot measures throughout the Bay Area.

There is not a long string of issues, but some are attracting a lot of attention. That includes Prop F in San Francisco, casually known as the Airbnb initiative.

It concerns the regulation of short-term rentals in the city and would toughen the rules. For example, it would limit the number of nights a unit can be rented each year to 75.

In a city dealing with a housing crisis and the effect of a thriving tech hub, it has been a very contentious proposition. Critics argue it will lead neighbors to file frivolous lawsuits against each other, while supporters say if not for neighbors complaining, the city would not do anything about rental violations.

Speaking of housing, other issues include Prop I in San Francisco, which would temporarily halt development in the Mission except for affordable housing.

The race for San Francisco’s next sheriff is one of the most watched contests. Incumbent Ross Mirkarimi is trying to get re-elected after a first term overshadowed by a series of scandals.

His main challenger is Vicki Hennessy, who has worked with the city’s sheriff’s department through much of her career. In 2012, she was pulled out of retirement by Mayor Ed Lee during Mirkarimi’s suspension after a misdemeanor domestic violence-related charge. Because of that, Hennessy worked as interim sheriff.

A third candidate entered the race late, John Robinson. He also worked for the department and now runs a private security firm.

It does not appear there is much suspense in Lee’s bid for a second-term victory. His campaign staff claims his main focus is ensuring his $310 million affordable housing bond passes with two-thirds of the vote.

Rents and evictions have soared under his watch over the past five years, but Lee is still mostly popular. He was appointed interim mayor in 2011 to fill out the term vacated by Gavin Newsom.

He initially promised he would not run for a four-year term -but quickly changed his mind. Several candidates are running against Lee but have not managed to achieve much traction.

Among the other measures, some communities are dealing with sales tax propositions, including San Mateo and Novato. Novato also has dueling measures on Memorial Park and whether to keep it as a park, or use it for a flood control basin.

And San Mateo County is trying something that might be an early indicator of how we’ll all be voting someday. They are calling it the all-mail election.

It is a first for the state of California. There are actually a few polling places, but they are mostly intended for filling out the mail-in ballots that haven’t already been sent in.

The state signed off on the experiment to determine how voter turnout and election costs are affected.

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