(KRON) — October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month. Nearly 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. That’s why it’s important for women especially to get a regular check-up. 

Sharon Brock is a Bay Area-based survivor who took what she learned through the experience of chemotherapy and recovery and put it all in a book to help others through their journeys.

“It just really helped me turn my pain into purpose,” she said.

At 44 years old, Brock, a health and wellness journalist and yoga teacher, found out she had Stage 2 breast cancer during a regular check-up with her OBGYN.

“Right after diagnosis was shock, and disbelief,” she said. “I thought this could never happen to me. I’m a healthy person. This doesn’t make any sense. And then after that was the anxiety, the fear of death was an experience… I’ve never felt before.”

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She said she lost a year of her life to the fight but gained significant insight into the struggle by  doing what she knows how to do best: write. Her book titled ‘The Lovee Method: 5 Mindfulness Practices for the Journey of Breast Cancer’ breaks down the acronym that helped her get through it.

L – for Labeling the emotion

O – for Observing it

V – for Valuing the emotion

E – for Embracing it

E – for Equanimity, which means coming to terms with the reality that she was facing mortality for the first time in such a scary way.

Brock believes the mindful practices helped her physical health in a positive way as her side effects after chemo became less aggressive each time.

“The suffering is your reaction to the pain, my reaction to my diagnosis, and that’s what causes suffering,” she said. “Versus when I reduced my suffering in my resistance to my cancer diagnosis and I was able to accept it and work with it. My suffering greatly reduced. It was incredible, absolutely incredible. And, and my healing improved as well.”

The book is available in paperback, audiobook, or kindle. You can find it here.