Bay Area bridge tolls to increase Jan. 1


CALIFORNIA (KRON) — The bridges in the Bay Area have a New Years resolution — to get more money from motorists.

“All state-owned bridges are going up $1 on Jan. 1,” said John Goodwin, spokesman for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Goodwin and the Bay Area toll authority, says don’t blame them for the toll hikes –this was a choice made by the people of the Bay Area with the passing of Measure 3.

“This is part of Measure 3 voted in by the people and will help improve roads,” said Goodwin.

Tolls are going up, but it will still save you money to avoid crossing at peak times, and carpool when you can, or drive a clean vehicle that qualifies for the carpool lane.

“The Bay Bridge is more complicated, depending on peak hours and carpool,” Goodwin said.



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