SISKIYOU CO., Calif (KRON) — Fire fighters are still fighting to get a handle on the McKinney fire in northern California.

Four people have been killed and more than 57,000 acres have burned. Thousands of acres in Siskiyou County now look like something out of the apocalypse since the fire started four days ago.

Daytime appears as nighttime from heavy smoke. The entire mountain side appears red with burning trees.

Mandatory evacuations are still in place as Calfire works to contain the flames. Ten helicopters, dozens of dovers and more than 1,300 firefighters are on the ground.

“There are these occasions such as these large wildfires, where we need other agencies to come to our aid,” said Erica Ray, San Jose Fire Department spokesperson.

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Rays said 25 firefighters were sent from San Jose along with five fire trucks and one SUV for the Battalion Chief.

They will be joined by firefighters from San Francisco, Santa Rosa, and Alameda County all there working together to bring California’s largest wildfire of the season to containment.