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Bay Area couple shares message of hope after surviving battle with COVID-19


WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — A Sonoma County couple is sharing their message of hope after surviving a bout with COVID-19.

The couple talked about how they overcame the virus, and what they encourage others to do to protect themselves.

Sonoma County Superior Court Judge Jamie Thistlethwaite and her husband Steve Weiss say they are happy to be alive after confronting coronavirus.

“We feel like we’ve won the COVID-19 lottery,” Steve said.

Steve says he believes he brought the virus home after ski trip to Colorado last month.

He says his experience with the virus wasn’t too terribly bad.

“I don’t recall being grumpy. I’ve been told I was a little grumpy but I was definitely achey and I definitely did have a headache,” he said. “But I’ve had worse headaches and I’ve definitely been more ache.”

But Jamie’s case was much more serious.

“Body aches, and a fever and a cough and a headache,” she said. “And was down and out.”

At the time, neither knew they actually had COVID-19.

Jamie says the light bulb went off while she was cooking days after feeling a little ill.

“I was making a spaghetti sauce and I could not taste it or smell it,” she said. “I decided oh my goodness, I do. I have COVID-19.”

The couple was later tested and in fact did have the potentially deadly virus.

At 68 and 71, both Jamie and Steve fall within the age range putting them at a higher risk.

However, neither had to be hospitalized.

“We know how lucky we are and we know how deadly this disease can be,” Jamie said.

After weeks of self isolating at home, the couple says they’re fully recovered but plan to practice social distancing and wearing masks outside of their home.

They strongly advocate for others to do the same.

“Social distancing works,” Jamie said. “And until we have a vaccination and until we establish herd immunity we’ve gotta be able to keep that social distance.”

Thistlethwaite and Weiss say their successful battle against the virus they believe was really helped by having each other.

“We know how lucky we are and we feel for all of the people that we not as fortunate as we were,” Jamie said.

The couple says they look forward to being tested for antibodies so they can donate blood to others who may have gotten sick.

As for their family, the grandparents are spending time with their four granddaughters via Zoom where they talk and have a bit of a show and tell each afternoon.

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