WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — Gas prices have gone down across the state on average of about 30 cents in the last week. It’s a much needed drop as many of us have been paying in the range of $6-$7 per gallon for gas.

At one gas station in Walnut Creek, it’s $5 from regular up to premium. Gas prices have dropped on average across the Bay Area. In Napa, gas is costing 35 cents cheaper right now than last week.

In Marin County in San Rafael gas went down the most in the Bay Area with a 44-cent drop, which is good news because it was the most expensive there just two weeks ago. 

Oakland and Santa Rosa are seeing gas on average 28 cents cheaper. Drivers needed this badly because we have been struggling for so long.

Now we are seeing relief. Californians have been receiving the inflation relief checks to help with the high cost of gas and everything. President Biden yesterday announced he is going to release 10-15 million barrels of oil from the nation’s emergency reserves.

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This is intended to help stabilize the market and keep gas prices from rising. Some critics say this oil should only be taken out for emergencies and not to lower gas prices just ahead of the November midterm elections.

Others say this needs to be done to help give consumers relief at the pump. The White House plans to announce plans to replenish what is being taken out of the reserve. In the meantime, the national average cost for gas is in the three-dollar range and in California ours is $5.88.