VALLEJO Calif. (KRON) — Twenty-seven-year-old Vallejo rapper Larussell made an announcement earlier this week after helping to renovate family-owned “Momo’s cafe” that the local cafe will become a “proud 2 pay cafe” through the end of the year.” The event aims to help people from all walks of life get something to eat.

“We have a high rate of homelessness out here and beyond the people that are homeless we’re still coming off of COVID and everybody just ain’t got it. We’re just making sure that people that don’t got it are able to get it still,” stated Larussell.

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The 27-year-old Vallejo native says it’s all about bringing the community together. The idea started with some brunch performances and a book signing, but after a recent renovation at family-owned Momo’s cafe Larussell’s company “good compenny” decided they’ll also cover the food costs for all customers for the next few months.

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“They should expect nothing. Just come open arms and open heart and enjoy what’s being given. What we put in is a product of our hard work and our giving so there’s no expectation needed just come in and enjoy it,” said Larussell.

Larussell is hoping this idea spreads. He says it’s important to show that people can come together and be the change they seek. “Everyone is a collective. Everyone is just welcomed, and it just feels good. Everyone is out there smiling and cheesin.”

The restaurant at 402 Georgia Street serves breakfast and lunch until 2 p.m. every day.