BERKELEY (KRON)– Bay Area residents aired out their concerns with the GOP’s plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act during a town hall meeting on Sunday in Berkeley.

Some residents are uneasy about how the new health care plan will work in their favor and whether it will provide equal coverage as Obamacare.

“I only saw a doctor when I was near death or when spurting blood was involved,” said Beverley Mickens.

Mickens told KRON4’s Spencer Blake, that she had been uninsured for years until she gained Obamacare.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee attended the town hall meeting and weighed in on the matter.

“First we have to say, ‘No repeal.’ We’re not gonna let it get repealed. If we need to tweak it, if there are some fixes, okay. But first things first,” said Congresswoman Lee.

Bay Area officials warned residents that taxes could go up by an average of $3700 for people who buy on the individual market.