SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Burning Man, the annual event that is part wild party and part social experiment, is in full swing in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

This year, an estimated 75,000 people will gather in the desert for the celebration. 

Bedazzled goggles, a hat that could double as a disco ball and lots of fake fur were on display  Wednesday as those making their exodus to Burning Man lined up for one of the many buses leaving San Francisco’s Civic Center.

It’s a week and a half long event described by organizers as a vibrant participatory metropolis built by the burners who come to experience it.  

Those burners who’ve been through it before say they are very excited to go back to what’s referred to as Black Rock City.

“For the person who’s not religious, this is the closest that to religion I’ve ever found,” said Kristine Hara, who’s headed to Burning Man. “It’s an amazing community of people you go for a week and it feels like you’re gone for a whole year on this crazy adventure in another world.”

Many came with bikes to travel the terrain and others came loaded down with multiple packs.

So what do you bring to really long party located in a harsh desert environment?

“Fabulous outfits, you want a mask and 95 mask because of the storms and goggles, I think that’s essential,” said Cherry Yuan, who’s also attending the event . “A lot of baby wipes and sunscreen.”

Toothpaste and water are also essential. 

Those getting ready to board are given a list of events happening out of the playa.

There are many gatherings with colorful names like dragon army camp bikini workshop, beer bong breakfast, and the dirty unicorn bar.

Return trips on the burner express start on Friday, the last bus to pull out of Black Rock City happens Tuesday morning at 10 a.m.