Firefighters in Contra Costa County and neighboring counties are ready to be deployed in case a fire breaks out. 

Officials are calling it a “pre-positioning”, a state-funded effort to prepare for and allocate resources before a fire starts.

“Pre-position allows us to have the resources there before the fire,” according to Steve Hill with the Contra Costa Fire Protection District. “To react to any wildland fire that may start this evening overnight tonight and into the morning hours tomorrow during these Red Flag conditions.” 

A Red Flag warning is in effect Sunday night through Monday morning. 

A combination of warm weather and strong winds create the risk of wildfires starting and spreading quickly.

Fire officials say there are some extra precautions you need to take during those periods.

“Be very cautious about anything they do outdoors. This is not the day, tomorrow morning won’t be the day either to be cutting grass,” Hill says. “It’s not the day to be parking a vehicle on top of dry grass or dragging a chain behind a vehicle. It’s not the day never is to discard cigarettes carelessly.”