In the North Bay, some teachers are upset after a school superintendent was able to get vaccinated before those teaching in classrooms. 

“I don’t know who said this, but someone said, it feels like the rug is constantly being pulled out from us, we are being minimized,” Karen McCormish said.

McCormish is on the executive board of the Novato School Teachers Union and a 5th grade teacher.   At her school, she knows of only one person who has received the COVID-19 vaccine — and it wasn’t her or she says any of the other teachers with students. 

She says that is a major problem for several reasons.  

Recently, the Novato Unified School Superintendent Kris Costa received his first dosage of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I think it is wrong, and he has said it was wrong,” McCormish said. “Everyone makes mistakes. Maybe it is a lesson for all.”

KRON4 heard from other teachers who were infuriated by the superintendent getting vaccinated. We reached out to the district, but did not get a reply.  

Marin County Public Health Officer Dr. Matt Willis says unfortunately, supplies are scarce. Teachers are in the upper tier to get vaccinated, but there is not enough to go around. 

“We wish we weren’t having to make these decisions,” Dr. Willis said.

As for McCormish and her colleagues, she says it is actually quite simple. She says to not just say teachers are important, and kids should be back in the classroom, make it happen, safely for everyone.