‘Allie’ the humpback whale heading out to Pacific Ocean

Bay Area

Allie the humpback whale officially said goodbye to Alameda over the weekend, according to the Marine Mammal Center.

The whale was last seen circling the waters near the Alameda coast in a cove known as the Sea-Plane Lagoon, but she was first spotted near the USS Hornet Museum at the end of May.

She’s caused quite the draw to Alameda, so much that fans named her Allie but hopeful spectators like Lawana Hughes and her family came a few days too late.

“I feel that it’s good because lately we’ve been hearing that the whales that have been coming here are dying,” Hughes said.

The Marine Mammal Center says the humpback whale was spotted in the San Francisco Bay, closer to the city on Saturday, hoping she’s on her way back to the Pacific Ocean after arriving here malnourished and in poor condition.

While spectators are sad to see Allie go, they say it’s for the better.

“It was once in a lifetime opportunity to see a humpback whale over here in Alameda and it was very cool,” Mia Desai said.

“And we were again just so mesmerized by the experience but as equally amazing as it was to be around her it was very, very heartbreaking for both of us. We’re avid animal lovers. We have a lot of animal roommates and it was just heartbreaking to see her away from her pod, not where she’s supposed to be migrating up north to Alaska,”Monica Bhatnagar said.

Monica Bhatnagar and her daughter Mia Desai followed Allie’s journey from the very beginning.

Bhatnagar even organized a prayer circle last week to help send Allie on her way.

“Our intention was helping Allie in whatever way she needed to be helped and basically join forces to magnify our prayers,” Bhatnagar said.

“It’s a good thing that she left the Alameda waters and now closer to San Francisco,” Desai said.

During the springtime, humpback whales travel north to Alaska. 

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