(KRON) — A person who bought a winning Powerball ticket in Los Gatos worth $1,556,855 in prize money came forward on Monday — the final day possible to claim the cash, California Lottery officials told KRON4.

The ticket was set to expire on Tuesday if it was not claimed by Monday’s deadline, Lottery officials said.

The ticket was purchased at a Mobil gas station –formerly a 76 gas station — at 15380 Los Gatos Boulevard.

In a draw that happened on October 26, 2022, the winning ticket matched five numbers, 19-36-37-46-56, and missed only the red Powerball number, 24.

For months, the ticket’s buyer was a mystery.

Lottery spokesperson Carolyn Becker wrote, “The Lottery just received the claim today (deadline day). As with all of our big winners, the claim will be thoroughly vetted before any winners can be declared. The vetting process takes weeks, sometimes even months depending on the circumstances. But I can confirm we do now have a claimant for this prize.”

If the person had not come forward, the $1,556,855 prize would have instead gone to public schools in California. The Lottery generates extra money for public education and has raised more than $1 billion in unclaimed prizes since 1985.