RICHMOND, Calif. (KRON) — Three people were shot and killed during a house party on Father’s Day, according to police.

On Monday morning, Richmond police officers were still investigating the deadly shooting that happened around 11 p.m. Eight people total were shot, out of about 80 to 100 guests.

Police said all the victims were men, between the ages of 18-44 years old.

A source told KRON4 that many party guests came from outside of Richmond.

While police are asking for help tracking down the shooters, the mayor of the city of Richmond says supporters of defunding police are partly to blame.

“It’s the kind of thing you reap when you sow the idea that police aren’t needed. That there are too many of them and some other program is going to help prevent crime more than having police. I just don’t believe that and we’re starting to see the proof of it,” Mayor Tom Butt said. 

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt is not pulling any punches when it comes to whom he holds politically responsible for this year’s rise in gun violence in Richmond.

“I know I am going to get some pushback but I’m just going to say it! I blame things like this on the Richmond Progressive Alliance and their lack of confidence in the police and the philosophy they share that police are not useful in preventing crime. I think we are starting to see the results of that kind of policy right now,” Mayor Butt said.

That is a pretty incendiary assertion in the wake of a deadly incident like this. 

KRON4 reached out to each of the four Richmond City Councilmembers who are a part of the Richmond Progressive Alliance — No one accepted our invitation to give their perspective on the Father’s Day mass shooting. 

As for the latest on the investigation, police say it appears at least two unidentified suspects were involved in the shooting, and that both were not at the party before the shooting occurred. No one is in custody at this time.

“It appears that this was advertised on Facebook. We are following up and are still collecting leads on that but that’s how most of the party-goers found out about it. Doesn’t look like too many of them knew each other. No family or friends. Stuff like that. A few friends here and there but mostly people from all over the Bay Area. At this point just based on the preliminary investigation,” Lt. Matt Stonebraker said. 

They’re asking anyone with information to give Richmond police a call.