OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Two people are in the hospital after a violent robbery in Oakland’s Chinatown.

A community leader says one person was shot and the other was pistol whipped.

Video shows the robbery turned shooting happening in the middle of the day, with dozens of people walking around and shopping in Chinatown.

It’s a situation where many people would feel safe.

“Anyone walking down the street could be potentially a victim of crime,” Carl Chan said.

Chan, the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce president, is warning everyone to be careful no matter where they are in the city.

“When criminals are seeing there are no or very little consequences when they are committing crimes they will continue to do what they do,” Chan said.

Surveillance video of the robbery from a corner store on 8th and Franklin.

People shopping in the area tried to get away. The suspects tried to rob a woman, a man intervened to try and stop the attack.

Chan says the man was shot twice.

“This is not easy for anyone when they are trying to do a good deed and then they get hurt,” he said.

The suspects got away in a silver sedan.

Chan says he has been in touch with the male victim’s family.

“The mom and the family they are devastated and they need some time,” he said.

Another person was pistol whipped during the incident.

Chan says that city leaders and the community have to come together to ensure these types of things don’t happen anymore.

“Our city, all of us, need to come together and make these changes,” he said. “Together I think we can make these positive changes.”

Chan tells me that doctors are hopeful both the person who was shot and pistol whipped will make a full recovery.