(KRON) — Prosecutors are asking the court to hold three suspected drug dealers in custody after law enforcement found 10 pounds of fentanyl and weapons in their possession last week, according to the San Francisco District Attorney.

The search warrant was executed in the Tenderloin and at two separate residences in Oakland, the DA’s Office said. Police reportedly found more than 10 pounds of fentanyl, meth, heroin, cocaine, alprazolam and synthetic pills. A rifle with a drum and three pistols were also found in the search, according to the DA’s Office.

The three suspects were identified as Gabriela Estrada, 25, Josue Fabricio Alvarez-Rivera, 26, and Anderson Hernandez-Ruiz, 22. All three were taken into custody after the search, and they now face felony charges.

Each of the suspected drug dealers is now charged with numerous counts of possession for sale of controlled substances as well as transporting those substances. Additional weapons charges were filed against Alvarez-Rivera and Hernandez-Ruiz. Estrada and Hernandez-Ruiz are both also in the midst of separate narcotics sales cases, the DA’s Office said.

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“Taking drug dealers like the alleged suspects in this case off the streets is critical to disrupting the flow and sale of deadly drugs on our streets,” District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said.  “The entire criminal justice system in our city must work together to improve public safety and address the open-air drug dealing that plagues some of our neighborhoods.  Drug dealers must face consequences for pushing lethal drugs on our streets and wreaking havoc in our neighborhoods and causing untold misery and death.”

The three suspects were arraigned on Friday, and prosecutors are asking for the suspects to remain in custody because of the potential risk to public safety. No bail has been set for any of the suspects. They will be back in court on April 27 for a preliminary hearing. Each alleged dealer could spend more than 15 years in prison if convicted.