NAPA (KRON) — Ryan Kyote is a happy 10-year-old boy who loves to help others.

He’s even happier now that school lunch shaming has been banned in California.

“It was awesome to now not see my friends not have lunch,” he said. “Now I get to see them have lunch and have a happy day instead of a sad day.”

Ryan has been the inspiration for a new California law guaranteeing all students will receive lunch even if their parents have not paid their meal fees. 

In May, Ryan decided he was going to take all off his savings from his allowance — more than $70 — and donate it to the lunch debt of his 3rd grade classmates.

“I felt really sad for them not to have lunch,” he said. “And when I was at my old school, West Park, I saw this kid he didn’t have any lunch so I asked if he wanted any lunch but he said no and I felt really bad for him.”

Ryan wanted none of his friends to be hungry, they later thanked him for helping out.

“That made me feel good because I don’t really get that much attention.”

However, Ryan’s act of kindness did catch the attention of state lawmakers including Governor Gavin Newsom. 

While applauding Ryan for his empathy, Newsom signed the lunch shaming ban into law on Saturday. 

“Floored, I’m so excited for everybody in California because this is huge,” Kylie Kirkpatrick said.

Ryan’s mother said there’s one state down and 49 more to go.

She now wants the federal government to get involved in solving what she calls the nationwide injustice of school lunch debt. 

“We have a movement going right now and it’s really exciting,” she said.