$100K worth of artwork stolen from North Bay couple’s storage unit

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$100K worth of art stolen from North Bay couple's storage unit

A North Bay couple learned this week that more than $100,000 worth of artwork was stolen from their storage unit in Petaluma. 

The victims say the theft happened at a Public Storage facility and they believe it may have been an inside job. 

Christian Fogliani has been renting the unit on the second floor for a few years and said he was assured the facility was safe. 

A surveillance camera keeps an eye on the front entrance and access to the second floor requires a security code that is unique to each renter—  so he thought. 

“But I’ve noticed you’re actually able to press the elevator button, enter the floor you’re on, and we are going to get access to this building,” Fogliani said. 

He believes that is one-way thieves may have reached his unit. 

There are also no cameras on the second floor. 

He stopped by the unit earlier in the week before the burglary happened. 

‘When I came here, this lock was intact, it didn’t look like anyone had been in the unit,” Fogliani said. “…This entire unit here was full.”

Most of the contents that were inside the storage are now gone including a Luke Chueh painting worth $5,000. 

Fogliani said he didn’t know the artwork was missing until a woman reached out to him this week on social media inquiring about how much it was actually worth. 

He said the woman purchased the contents of a storage unit in Emeryville in an online auction for $200. and the painting was inside the unit. 

He knew immediately that something was wrong because only he had that original piece.

The woman reached out to him because Fogliani’s information comes up when you search for the artwork online. 

“She actually had the painting listed on eBay for $99,” he said. 

The woman appears to be an innocent victim too and has agreed to return the art. 

But Fogliani is still missing more than three dozen other portraits and sculptures worth $100,000. 

He and his wife are upset with Public Storage for their lack of accountability. 

The couple filed a report with the Petaluma Police Department. 

Public Storage has not responded to KRON4’s request for comment. 

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