OAKLAND, Calif (KRON) — A 10-minute stop at a coffee shop in downtown Oakland turned out to be costly for one Venezuelan band.

The rock and Latin jazz Zeta was performing in the Bay Area when they had their car broken into and items stolen Monday afternoon.

They are one of many smash and grab victims in Oakland.

Zeta stopped by a coffee shop in downtown Oakland Monday afternoon after a day of performing in San Francisco.

When they returned to their van, two windows were busted and their backpacks were gone.

“Just ordering coffee and paying it, they broke into the van, ” guitarist Juanchi Yilo said. “We had passports and identifications, working permits. We had laptops.”

Yilo says their instruments were mostly untouched.

However, they lost about $12,000 worth of stuff.

Initially, he says the group tried to track the thieves with GPS from a pair of ear pods but eventually backed off. The band worried the thieves might have been armed.

“Now looking back to perspective, its better that we didn’t really engage in any dynamic with them,” Yilo said.

This is the first time zeta has ever been burglarized in the united states, and they have been touring here and in the Bay Area for five years.

The band filed a report with the Oakland Police Department, but they understand they may never see their stuff again.

The Police Department’s latest crime statistics show auto burglaries are up 30% compared to last year, but down 9% overall versus the three-year average.

Zeta’s fans have chipped in to raise more than $12,000 online to help replace what was lost.

A local glass shop expedited replacing the windows, allowing the band to continue its tour in Southern California.