(KRON) — Fourteen people were arrested in a retail theft operation launched by the Pittsburg Police Department, the department announced on social media late Sunday. Additionally, five vehicles were towed and over $5,000 in stolen merchandise was recovered.

Of the merchandise recovered, police said $3,200 of it was from local Pittsburg stores that included Winco, Walmart, Burlington and Target. Another $2,000 came from department stores in Antioch and San Francisco that included Old Navy, Children’s Place, Forever 21 and Macy’s.

Of the suspects arrested, two admitted to being “boosters” — professional thieves that steal for others to profit — that normally target SF department stores. A vehicle used by the boosters was towed and another $2,000 in merchandise that was already separated and ready to be delivered to customers was also recovered, police said.

The two suspected boosters were charged with felony shoplifting as well as being in possession of stolen merchandise.

“All the businesses were very appreciative of our assistance in recovering their merchandise,” police said.