UPDATE: The girl was found in Oakland, and she was reunited with her family, according to the Pleasant Hill Police Department.

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KRON) — 14-year-old Lila Petrik is still missing from Pleasant Hill, and her community is growing concerned about her whereabouts.

Only two weeks into the new school year, it’s been a heavy start for students at College Park High School in Pleasant Hill.

“Just knowing that we’re missing a student. It kind of takes away from the whole spirit that we’re trying to have,” said junior Ava Palermo.

Freshman Lila Petrik has not been seen since Saturday, and the Pleasant Hill Police Department is currently investigating her disappearance. “They have a whole student body right now that misses them, and we’re all posting about how she’s missing, cause we really want to find her,” said senior Gabriella Bellow.

It had only been seven consecutive school days, but College Park High School Principal Kevin Honey said that Lila had perfect attendance until she went missing.

“Even our kids struggle, like students mention it. Even that they don’t know her, they’re struggling because it hurts them as part of our College Park community. So, when this becomes resolved, we’ll all be better for it,” said Honey.

Police said there is no indication that Petrik has been kidnapped. She was last seen wearing pajamas, and it is possible she left her house in Pleasant Hill with a friend — headed to Antioch.

“It’s very, very important for everyone in high school to have a full high school experience, and be able to go to school, which is a safe space,” said Palermo. Police said Lila Petrik’s last known location was Oakland, and investigators are searching for her there and in Antioch.