OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Road rage and gun violence have cost a 15-year-old girl her life, according to Oakland’s police chief.

This as the city’s homicide rate is skyrocketing compared to last year.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong says a 15-year-old girl riding in the passenger seat of a car was shot to death in East Oakland late Wednesday night.

The mother of the teen identified her as Shamara Young — She describes her as a loving, protective sibling.

Video from the Citizen app shows the scene.

“Driving in a vehicle with her uncle, when they were involved in a road rage incident. Where another person in another car and her uncle began to have dialogue, and that dialogue led to arguing from one car to another. And, then the other vehicle. Someone in the other vehicle fired multiple rounds at the car, striking this innocent 15-year-old child,” Chief Armstrong said. 

The Oakland Police Department says it happened in the 5000 block of Bancroft Avenue.

“This is draining. Emotionally, mentally, physically,” Councilmember Loren Taylor said. 

Councilmember Loren Taylor represents the district nearby.

This happened less than a week after community leader Dirk Tillotson was murdered during a home invasion — marking the city’s 105th homicide.

“We are losing way too many lives in our city. And, it hits particularly deep when it’s one of our babies — 15-year-old girl,” Taylor said. 

“I hope that everybody in this city wakes up and understands, finally, how much do we have to bring before the public? How many times do we have to cry out for help? How many times do we have to say to you that we are in a moment of crisis?” Chief Armstrong said. 

The young girl’s killing brings the city’s homicide total to 109, equalling the number of homicides the Oakland Police Officers’ Association says were reported all of last year.

The POA says it needs more support from city leaders to help bolster a dwindling police force, a force it says losing about 10 officers every month.

“If we do not have a higher solve rate in the city of Oakland for our homicides, then it tells those who are, you know, considering picking up a gun and committing a violent crime that the odds are they will not get caught, and we cannot allow that to happen. So, we must invest more into our homicide investigations unit,” Taylor said. 

Police say the rate of homicides solved stands at 40-percent.