OAKLEY, Calif. (KRON) — The Oakley Police Department arrested the suspect who allegedly burglarized Uncle Wong Chinese Restaurant.

Oakley police were dispatched to Uncle Wong Chinese Restaurant for an alleged burglary on Wednesday at 8:46 a.m. The restaurant was closed upon the officer’s arrival. According to police, officers noticed a broken front glass door, a ransacked cash register area, and a missing cash register.

The owner of the restaurant reported the cash register, a credit card reader, and an undisclosed amount of cash were stolen. Five hundred dollars worth of damage was done to the store, according to police. 

According to police, the suspect was caught on the restaurant’s security footage breaking in. Officers circulated the image within the department.

The following day, an officer patrolling the west end of town noticed a man who matched the image of the suspect, even wearing the same clothes. The officer made contact with the individual. According to police, the suspect admitted to committing the burglary. The suspect was not in possession of any stolen items when he was arrested, police said.

“The suspect in this case is a young man named Jonathan Douglas,” said Oakley Police Chief Paul Beard. “I further understand the suspect in this case is down on his luck. What I see in this case, however, is a criminal act, and criminal acts in need to be associated with accountability.”

Jonathan Douglas, 18, was booked into county jail.