HERCULES, Calif. (KRON) — One person was shot and two were taken into custody after an incident at a Hercules home on Friday morning, according to the Hercules Police Department (HPD). The incident involved a woman, her boyfriend, and her three adult sons who all lived at the residence.

Hercules police officers responded to the 200 block of Brighton Street at about 9:18 a.m. for a possible shooting. Upon arrival, officers called the house and used a loudspeaker to tell the involved individuals to exit the house, but they did not comply.

The woman later arrived and called one of the men, and three people came outside. Officers also spotted an injured man inside the house lying on a bed, HPD said. The officers entered the house and found that the man had a gunshot wound on his lower back.

Police investigated the incident and found that the woman’s boyfriend, 39-year-old Lerong Matthis, was in a fight with one of her sons, 31-year-old Sean Robin. According to police, Matthis fired a stun gun at Robin but missed. The men then started to fight for a semiautomatic handgun.

Robin’s brother tried to break up the fight, but HPD said the gun went off and struck him in the back. Police did not say who fired the gun. Robin picked up the gun and used it to hit Matthis in the face, per police.

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Robin called for an ambulance, and his brother, a 27-year-old man, was taken to the hospital after police arrived. He was in stable condition as of Friday evening.

Matthis and Robin were both arrested. Robin will be charged with assault with a deadly semiautomatic weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, possession of an unregistered handgun, and possession of a firearm while the subject of a criminal protective order. Mathis will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and felon in possession of a stun gun.