WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (KRON) — Two suspects were arrested Thursday after several thousand dollars worth of merchandise, mostly alcohol, was stolen, the Walnut Creek Police Department said on social media. Authorities are calling this a robbery after one of the suspects allegedly pushed an employee to steal alcohol bottles from an unnamed grocery store.

Photos posted by Walnut Creek police (below) show dozens of alcohol bottles recovered, including various brands of Tequila. Other items recovered include laundry products.

Using a license plate reader, Walnut Creek police were able to track the suspect vehicle down when it entered the city. Officers then searched several retail locations to find the vehicle.

Police were able to locate the vehicle and conduct a traffic stop. Two suspects were arrested and taken into custody without incident. They were booked into county jail on robbery, shoplifting and burglary charges.

One suspect linked to retail theft was arrested on Thursday, Feb. 2 (Walnut Creek Police Department).

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Walnut Creek police did not state which neighboring agency initially notified them of the robbery.