(KRON) — Two people were arrested in connection to a shooting investigation and possession of illegal firearms, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

The police department’s Crime Gun Investigations Center obtained a search warrant for Adir Mullen-Johnson, 19, and his residence on Dakota Street. Adir and three other people were detained by SFPD on July 27 in the area of Dakota Street, according to police.

Adir was found to have a loaded firearm with a high-capacity magazine along with a second loaded magazine at the time of the detainment. According to police, officers seized three illegal firearms, firearm accessories, ammunition and other evidence related to the investigation at his residence. 

Adir was taken into custody. Asad Mullen-Johnson, 19, was also placed under arrest after probable cause was developed. Both Adir and Asad were transported to the San Francisco County Jail. 

The shooting investigation remains open and active despite the two arrests.