(KRON) — Two more Oakland restaurants are closing in the coming weeks. Palmetto in Downtown Oakland and Caffe 817 in Old Oakland both announced their closures on Instagram.

Caffe 817

Caffe 817, located at 817 Washington St., is shutting down on Nov. 11. The self-described European-inspired cafe was open in the mornings and early afternoons for 30 years.

Its struggles began before the COVID-19 pandemic. The cafe’s Instagram post said the local health department forced it to change its menu format and business model because it could not install a ventilation hood.

Caffe 817 fought through COVID shutdowns and “an increase of crime and safety issues” before closing, it said.

“There has been a lack of leadership and support from the city to help address these issues and to return our beloved city to an area of hope and growth,” the cafe said. “Adding to the macro economic factors of rising costs and fewer people than expected returning to work, it has become harder and harder to provide our services and to be successful doing what we love.”


Palmetto’s last day will be Oct. 29. The restaurant and bar located at 1900 Telegraph Ave. is closing due to a “slow summer we weren’t prepared for,” it said.

“We really did our best and we love this town. But we can’t make it. We might talk about why later, but for now, get in here while the getting is good,” Palmetto said in an Instagram post.

Palmetto was open for nearly three years. Its ambient lighting made it a popular spot on TikTok.