SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) — In the South Bay, it has been two years since Santa Clara County issued a stay-at-home order because of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the county’s health officer discussed the state of the pandemic and what she believe will happen next.

“I first want to express my gratitude to the community,” said Santa Clara County Health Officer Dr. Sara Cody.

Cody said she was proud of the work the county and the community has done to stop the spread of coronavirus.

She pointed out that if the county had the same rate of death as the rest of the country — more than twice as many people may have perished.

“We have lost 2,180 people to date but without the collective efforts we have all made, we would have lost many more,” Cody said.

Cody also said that at the moment, the number of coronavirus infections across the county remains low and seems to be stable.

Despite the presence of the new b.2 variant of coronavirus, which has been detected in Santa Clara County’s wastewater…

“It is not driving up the levels,” Cody said. “So I don’t know why but it is, but we’re watching that very, very carefully.”

Looking ahead, Cody says she wouldn’t be surprised if there is another surge in cases.

However, because of how much has been learned about coronavirus over the past two years, she doesn’t expect to have to issue a new stay-at-home order.

“We’ve got vaccines, we’ve got boosters, we have lots of information. We have widespread testing, widespread availability of masks,” Cody said. “We know what to do. So we’re not going to have to shelter in place we can keep ourselves or families and each other safe.”