A sinkhole that opened up on a busy highway in Milpitas caused a traffic nightmare for drivers. 

Construction crews worked through Saturday to fill up the large crevice that’s at least 20-feet deep. 

The sinkhole emerged Friday morning on Montague Expressway between Main Street and Trade Zone. 

A team from Granite Rock Construction sized up the hole and found some damage to a storm drain. 

Ricky Smith said, “We’re going to have to dig it up, expose it, repair what’s going on with that storm drain, obviously do structural back-fill and get it up to grade and repave.” 

Smith said the location of the sinkhole presents an onset of challenges. 

“Being next to the rail spur is a huge deal. When the rail cars come through it creates a vibration,” he said. “It creates a safety issue as far as being down in that kind of excavation.” 

He added, ” We’ll have trench support to protect the guys who have to get down in the hole and obviously through traffic because the traffic alone creates a vibration too.” 

Drivers should be advised that all westbound lanes of Montague Expressway are closed through Monday.