SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — Twenty-two men and women were arrested during a month-long sweep operation targeting sexual assault suspects who have outstanding warrants, the San Jose Police Department announced Wednesday.

The 22 suspects are charged with a slew of sex crimes. “All of the suspects are charged with sex crimes ranging from misdemeanor sexual assault to felony cases of sexual assault of a minor and rape. The dates of these cases ranged from as early as 2012 to February 2023,” SJPD Officer Steve Aponte wrote.

The sweep was conducted in March and went after suspects who were “purposefully absconding from justice,” Aponte told reporters at the news conference Wednesday.

“Abscond” is a legal term meaning to go in a clandestine manner out of the jurisdiction of the courts, or to be concealed in order to avoid court proceedings.

sweep mugshots
Mugshots released by the San Jose Police Department following a sweep.

Police Chief Anthony Mata said, “I would like to thank all the San Jose Police Department members involved in this operation for their amazing work to bring these individuals into custody and helping bring the first steps towards healing for the survivors of these terrible crimes.”

Some of the victims in these cases are minors, police said.

The SJPD released mugshots of all 22 suspects because police said there may be additional victims who have not come forward. People arrested in the sweep were identified by San Jose police as:

Austin Flores, 25, of Morgan Hill

Austin Flores (Mugshot via SJPD)

Vu Tin Do, 31, of San Jose

Vu Tin Do (Mugshot via SJPD)

Deseri Barron, 42, of San Jose

Deseri Barron (Mugshot via SJPD)

Imran Ullah, 26, of San Jose

Imran Ullah (Mugshot via SJPD)

Marcos Villareal, 41, of San Jose

Marcos Villareal (Mugshot via SJPD)

Robert Kim, 36, of San Jose

Robert Kim (Mugshot via SJPD)

Pedro Plancarte, 53, of San Jose

Pedro Plancarte (Mugshot via SJPD)

Amir Najafi, 45, of Arizona

Amir Najafi (Mugshot via SJPD)

Raudel Rosales-Sandoval, 54, of San Jose

Raudel Rosales-Sandoval (Mugshot via SJPD)

Oscar Ramos, 36, of San Jose

Oscar Ramos (Mugshot via SJPD)

Paul Clayton Orr, 38, of San Diego

Paul Clayton Orr (Mugshot via SJPD)

David Napan, 41, of San Jose

David Napan (Mugshot via SJPD)

Juan Avila, 41, of San Jose

Juan Avila (Mugshot via SJPD)

Henry Avilez Castillo, 34, of San Jose

Henry Avilez Castillo (Mugshot via SJPD)

Christopher Bifano, 45, of San Jose

Christopher Bifano (Mugshot via SJPD)

Hung Duc Hong, 58, of San Jose

Hung Duc Hong (Mugshot via SJPD)

Kenyon McWilliams, 57, of San Jose

Kenyon McWilliams (Mugshot via SJPD)

Fidel Torres Reyes, 49, of San Jose

Fidel Torres Reyes (Mugshot via SJPD)

Norberto Velarde-Rios, 44, of San Jose

Norberto Velarde-Rios (Mugshot via SJPD

David Velasco, 40, of San Jose

David Velasco (Mugshot via SJPD

Antonio Zacariz, 73, of San Jose

Antonio Zacariz (Mugshot via SJPD)

Adolfo Orozco Rosales, 39, of San Jose

Adolfo Orozco Rosales (Mugshot via SJPD)

Anyone with additional information about these cases is urged to contact the San Jose Police Department’s Sexual Assault Investigations Unit at 408-277-4102. Crime tips can be anonymously submitted by using the P3TIPS mobile app, or by calling the tip line at 408-947-STOP. 

Aponte wrote, “The San Jose Police Department is committed to providing services to survivors of sexual assault and bringing their perpetrators to justice.”