SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Authorities in San Francisco say they’ve discovered $2 million worth of suspected stolen property, officials announced Thursday.

The effort dubbed “Operation Focus Lens” was announced by San Francisco Interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus along with CHP Chief Ernie Sanchez, SFPD Chief Bill Scott, California DOJ Bureau of Investigation Assistant Director Luis Lopez, and other officials.

The suspected stolen goods include iPhones, laptops, cameras, toiletries, and accessories like purses and wallets.

Authorities say they’ve recovered so much property that they are still combing through the items.

Some of the items were stolen from retail stores while other items appear to be taken from car break-ins, authorities said.

“What creates an incentive to break into current cars and break into homes is to quickly turn whatever you stole in the money,” Loftus said. “And the fencing operation makes that possible And so it really fuels the property crime or seen here in San Francisco.”

Now police need help returning the property to their rightful owners.

Police are asking anyone who may have had something stolen to contact them at (628) 652-4343.

Check back for updates.

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