VACAVILLE (KRON) – Three young adults were arrested on Tuesday for burglary and conspiracy for their failed attempt at stealing over $1,100 worth of alcohol.

According to the Vacaville Police Department, the three suspects all from Antioch – 20-year-old Jade Jenkins, 20-year-old Kelvhan Mouton, and 21-year-old Joy Thomas – tried to rob a store Friday afternoon in the 300 block of Harbison Drive.

Police said the suspects filled tote bags and an entire shopping cart with alcohol and tried to move to the emergency exit, where a getaway car was waiting in a parking stall close to the exit.

But “seeing the badged barricade at the emergency exit, the three retreated back into the business and split up,” according to police.

Police said other shoppers inside the store were able to help officers and point them in the direction of where the suspects were hiding.

“It’s a wonderful feeling working for a community that cares so much about deterring crime and catching wrongdoers as much as we do,” police said. “We appreciate all you do!”