The measles virus has made its way to the Bay Area.

A total of three Bay Area residents have become sick with the measles, according to a San Francisco Department of Public Health report released on Tuesday.

A passenger on an international flight that landed at San Francisco International Airport back in February already had the virus. Two other passengers became exposed and are now sick with the virus.

The three confirmed cases are in residents from Santa Cruz County, San Francisco, and Santa Clara County.

A public information officer Veronica Vien said that the ‘public is at very low risk of measles as a result of these cases.’

There were no reports of other passengers on the flight over three weeks ago getting the measles.

“Measles develops within 21 days of exposure,” Vien said. “Public health investigators have not identified any evidence indicating that measles is spreading within the impacted counties.”

The disease is currently spreading in many countries meaning it’s especially important to have all your immunizations before traveling, health officials say.

Before international trips, MMR vaccines are recommended for infants from ages six to 11 months old. 

If you get sick with the measles, the main symptoms to look out for is fever and a rash, which will start on your forehead at the hairline and behind your ears before spreading to the rest of your body. 

Other symptoms include a cough, coryza, conjunctivitis, white spots in the mouth and a general “miserable” feeling. 

If you think you may have the measles, contact the health department at (415) 554-2830.

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