SANTA CLARA COUNTY, Calif. (KRON) – Three people are facing multiple felony charges in the South Bay for running a full-scale ghost gun operation.

The Santa Clara County District Attorney says it was being operated out of a million-dollar home in San Jose.

The home is on Roy Ave. in San Jose. This is part of a growing trend that the county is working to put a stop to.

According to Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen, some of the weapons being made in San Jose’s Willow Glen Neighborhood were customized to be fully automatic machine guns.

“There we found an arsenal of dangerous ghost guns made by 3-D printers that were ready to be sold to criminals,” Rosen said.

Police seized more than 10 guns, loads of ammunition, 3-D printers, and suspected fentanyl.

The three suspects arrested are all convicted felons, who are part of a growing trend of building and selling guns to criminals.

“In 2015 we recovered four ghost guns in our county, last year 293,” Rosen said.

It’s why the DA’s office is working with county Supervisors Otto Lee and Cindy Chavez to put forward an ordinance in Santa Clara outlawing the possession, manufacturing and assembly of ghost guns, commonly made of plastic.

“3-D printers that make these plastic materials make these guns far more dangerous because they could evade metal detectors,” Supervisor Lee said.

The ordinance will make it easier for law enforcement to track down more illegal firearms according to District Attorney Rosen, working alongside the county’s gun-related intelligence program.

“We will do everything in our power through prevention, through laws and ordinances, police operations and prosecution to make these ghost guns disappear,” Rosen said.

Governor Newsom introduced a bill last week with gun control measures that hold illegal gun makers accountable. District Attorney Rosen believes his ordinance will go even farther than the state law.