SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) — San Jose police are investigating several different sideshows that left three people injured Saturday night.

Police say two people who were watching the sideshow at Lundy Ave and Concourse Drive were hit by two cars in separate collisions.

“We aren’t going to tolerate this behavior and we’ll find way to make sure to make it less attractive for people to come into San Jose and do this,” said city councilmember David Cohen.

The city of San Jose continues to struggle with dangerous sideshows involving gunfire and illegal fireworks.

Cohen represents this area and says the city has plans to modify the intersection.

“The intersection in my district where it occurred last night is actually a site where we’ve been planning to do some engineering work to modify the intersection to make it so they can’t do sideshows there because it’s definitely one of the top hot spots for sideshows in this part of the city,” Cohen said.

Meanwhile, police say the third spectator injured arrived at a local hospital Sunday morning with a brain injury and head trauma.

Although sideshows continue, Cohen believes the city’s latest laws have helped slow sideshow activity.

San Jose made it illegal to promote sideshows on social media last year and banned audiences at sideshows in 2019.

“At least 8 people if not more were cited for being spectators, as a way of discouraging people from coming out to the sideshows,” Cohen said. “I know that multiple cars were impounded and many citations were made and there was at least one arrest.”