ORINDA (KRON) – Heavy downpours forced traffic along Highway 24 between Lafayette and Orinda to be slow and go.

And for good reason.

An accident possibly caused by slick roads killed three people early Saturday morning.

The Nissan Versa veered off of westbound highway 24, east of Camino Pablo and slammed into a tree.

The scene was one of many along Bay Area freeways.

Hydroplaning was a big possibility as water filled up along the sides of the road.

A clogged drain caused a pool of water at the base of exit 11 eastbound entering Lafayette.

Without any place to go, people took the risk and drove their cars through the water.

It was just another example of the tough conditions because of the heavy rain.

“I’ve seen, I don’t know, 20 accidents today and I’ve been driving around quite a bit,” Gary Gragg said.

Gragg said it might be helpful to have a higher profile vehicle in this kind of weather.

He blew through the water with no problem.

But doing that is not advised by CHP.

“You just have to be extremely careful, you just have to be aware of what’s going on around you,” Gragg said. “You gotta slow down.”

Rain is expected to be moderate for the rest of the night, but officials advise drivers to still take it slow on the roads, that are still very much slick.

CHP recommends drivers to not use cruise control because that increases the risk of hydroplaning.