SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — San Francisco Police responded to this sideshow scene at 12:41 in the morning Sunday. Drivers were speeding in circles and a crowd of spectators had their cell phone cameras up at Harrison and Maine Street.

Residents in San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood say this isn’t the first time a sideshow has happened there. If burning rubber and squealing tires continue, they’re moving out.

“People were parking and walking up, it was a madhouse,” resident Will Decker said. “It was a very scary situation for someone like me who didn’t know what was going on.”

Tire marks are still visible in middle of the intersection, but the stunt drivers didn’t stop there

Police responded to a side show at Geneva Ave and Alemany just after 1:00 a.m. on Sunday. Then, another an hour later on 13th St. and South Van Ness Ave.

“Just to do that in the middle of San Francisco where we have a lot of residential people trying to get a goodnight sleep after a work week, not the place to do that,” Decker said.

Dozens of vehicles and spectators were dispersed at all three locations. A marked police car was even vandalized by a vehicle fleeing the scene at 13th St. and South Van Ness.

“Little reckless to do it on a public street in the middle of the city especially,” Bence Lazar of San Mateo said.

Sirens can be heard in the background of a sideshow near the Bay Bridge and right next to the Gabby Market and Deli.

“Everybody is talking about it,” Sam Habash the owner Gabby Market and Deli said. “Some people are saying right now we might have to sell and leave. We thought this neighborhood was supposed to be one of the best neighborhoods.”

He says wants more of a police presence around his store to stop the sideshows before they start.

“We need a small police station in this neighborhood at least to protect this neighborhood,” Habash said.

San Francisco Police say no arrests have been made, but officers are still working to investigate all three sideshows with the goal of arresting the suspects and seizing their vehicles.