OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) — Three people have been arrested in connection with a carjacking that the Oakland Police Department described as “brazen.” An investigation yielded another vehicle that police also found to be stolen.

On Nov. 27, police said that as a woman was getting out of her car on the 2200 block of Ransom Avenue, she was confronted by three people. One of them grabbed her purse, dragged her to the ground and left the scene in her car.

Three days later, police found the car on the 2500 block of Highland Avenue. An OPD helicopter helped track it to a dead-end street on the 3300 block of Maybelle Way.

OPD attempted to stop the vehicle, but the driver reversed, swiped the OPD car and crashed into a parked vehicle. The driver fled on foot, and two occupants were arrested. About an hour later, the driver was found hiding in a yard and was arrested.

While OPD was investigating, officers found a set of keys that the driver dropped, police said. Investigators went back to the 2500 block of Highland Avenue and found a second vehicle that was connected to a carjacking in the 1600 block of Foothill Boulevard. Police said a rifle was used in that robbery.

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The driver of the stolen vehicle was arrested for two counts of carjacking and possession of a stolen vehicle. The other two arrestees were booked for carjacking. OPD said it has investigated 500 carjackings in 2022, which is up from this time in 2021.