SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) – A little boy from Mountain View is contributing to a big cause through art.

The third-grader was the first kid to be selected in a Bay Area-wide competition that benefits San Francisco’s Zuckerberg General Hospital.

“I really wanted to make people feel safe and make people think that we are in this all together,” Ridhaan Desai said. 

Like many kids during the pandemic, third-grader Ridhaan Desai has had to learn from home. To cope he turned to art.

After hearing about a local friendly competition for a good cause, he created a mini sculpture he called “The Coronavirus Circus” because of all the priorities he had to juggle at that time.

“I was on classes, on Zoom, on the computer online, and I was painting, I was playing basketball, I was wearing a mask the whole time which was really hard,” Ridhaan said. 

His sculpture was submitted to the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation’s Hearts in San Francisco program, making him the youngest of artists to participate.

For nearly two decades, these sculptures have given artists a platform to showcase their talents while supporting the city’s only level one trauma center.

On the second side of his piece, Ridhaan painted a healthcare worker in a cape holding up one key to ending the pandemic, a coronavirus vaccine.

“They’ve been supporting every person who had a need and they are our superheroes and Ridhaan captured that beautifully,” Kim Meredith said. 

To date, the foundation has raised more than $3 million for the hospital by auctioning off the hearts.

The latest collection will be on display at the Ferry Building starting Feb. 1.