(KRON) — The last time 6-year-old Jordan Cam Walker talked to his grandfather, he was looking forward to going swimming together. “I love you, I can’t wait to go swimming, I miss you,” Morian Walker remembered his grandson saying over their FaceTime video call together.

The grandfather had no idea it would be the last time he heard his beloved grandson’s voice. Just a few days later, on August 4, Jordan and Jordan’s great-grandmother were found dead inside their San Jose apartment.

Police officers discovered the grisly scene at the Parkmoor Avenue apartment, and determined an assailant stabbed the young boy and elderly woman to death.

Jordan’s short life was celebrated and mourned during a funeral service Friday held at Emmanuel Baptist Church in San Jose. His parents are struggling with profound grief and waves of emotions.

“It’s a close-knit family. Four generations are grieving this tragic loss,” Morian Walker said. “He was full of life. This wasn’t a drowning, or someone hit by a car. This was a life taken too soon.”

Jordan wanted to be just like his athletic parents, who both played Division-1 college sports. “He couldn’t wait to start training, workout, and play soccer with his mom,” the grandfather said.

Prayers and messages from the community are helping Jordan’s family cope with a heart-wrenching new reality, he said. A GoFundMe page is raising money for the boy’s parents to help pay for funeral costs and mental health services.

The name of Jordan’s great-grandmother has not been released by law enforcement officials.

San Jose police did not released an update on their double homicide investigation this week, and it’s unclear if any arrests have been made. Jordan’s grandfather said he’s hopeful justice will be found for little Jordan.

Homicide detectives are working “around-the-clock,” the grandfather said.

Anyone with information that could help police solve the case is asked to contact Detective Harrington of the San Jose Police Department’s Homicide Unit by emailing  4365@sanjoseca.gov or by calling 408-277-5283.