Police investigate Oakland shooting that injured 5 people

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OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – Another violent weekend in the city of Oakland, and the police department is sounding the alarm again — Why there is no sign of stopping the rise in gun violence.

Police are investigating after five people were shot at a house party in East Oakland.

After hearing from the police department and the union on the rising number of shootings.

Oakland police have investigated nearly 60 homicides this year and most of them have involved guns. 

Violent crime has been spiking in the city and the police officers union says it’s becoming a war zone in some parts of Oakland. 

Video from the Citizen app shows the scene of another shooting in East Oakland. 

Five men were wounded Sunday night after a drive-by gunman opened fire, continuing the terror of gun violence in the city with no signs of slowing down.

“The level of violence and the numbers of shootings is just truly incredible,” Barry Donelan said.

Barry Donelan, president of the Oakland Police Officers Association, has been calling for an increase in officers to help curb violent crime.

Homicides, carjacking’s and shootings are soaring in Oakland as the department’s staff is declining.

“The vilification of the profession has not helped. The vast majority of Oakland police officers and police officers from coast to coast are here trying to do the right thing,” Donelan said.

Oakland police have recovered nearly 500 guns so far this year.

Police chief LeRonne Armstrong says many of those firearms were assault weapons or ghost guns.

Donelan says those who are committing crimes with guns need to face stricter consequences after they’re arrested.

“The concerns about covid are ebbing away, fortunately, and when you’re arrested for violent crime you need to be held in jail,” Donelan said.

Oakland’s police chief is encouraging the community to unite against gun violence. 

He’s also against the ruling by a federal judge in San Diego that overturned California’s assault weapons ban.

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