Four officers were injured Wednesday morning in Alameda during a struggle with a suspect, according to the Alameda Police Department. 

Around 2:30 a.m. a man made multiple phone calls to police claiming that he heard people following him in the 2300 block of Buena Vista Avenue. 

When officers arrived, they contacted the 40-year-old white man who confirmed that he was the one who called.

Officials say they began to investigate when the man suddenly became uncooperative and ran away from the police, for reasons police do not know.

According to authorities, the man got into a patrol car and tried to take a mounted rifle. 

This is when officers intervened and struggled to stop him before using a taser.

Police say they removed him from the car and stopped him from getting ahold of the rifle.

Officials say additional officers were needed to control and handcuff the man due to his size and strength.

After being handcuffed, police say he continued to struggle before going into medical distress for reasons that are unknown. 

The Alameda Fire Department took him to a local trauma hospital where he suffered cardiac arrest.

Officials say he was revived and is under treatment at the hospital.

Police have not released the name of the man at this time

In the struggle, at least four officers were injured, two of which suffered serious injuries. 

Those two officers were treated and have since been released pending further medical examinations. 

The investigation is being continued by the Violent Crimes Unit as an officer-involved critical incident. 

No other details were released at this time.