ORINDA, Calif. (KRON) – Tuesday marks four years since a mass shooting at an Orinda house party left five people dead and several others injured. The families of the victims are still waiting for answers.

A lawyer who represents some of the families says this holiday is no longer a time for celebration, but is instead filled with sadness and grieving their loved ones.

A woman named Michelle has lived in the neighborhood for six years. She says she still remembers that night.

The house on Lucille Way near Knickerbocker Lane was rented for just one night through Airbnb. It’s estimated that more than 100 people were at the party prior to the shooting.

“It was a little bit disturbing, but what made me feel better was the fact that these people weren’t residents here but Airbnb guests and it was an open invite where everybody showed up, so it wasn’t the community or Orinda,” Michelle said. 

Days after the shooting, Airbnb enacted a policy banning rentals for Halloween parties. This year, they are using AI technology to block high-risk one-night or two-night bookings over the Halloween holiday.

Michelle says in the last four years, the neighborhood has gone back to its normal, quiet state. But for people who lost loved ones in the shooting, nothing is normal.

“These families are still dealing with the pain, they’re still picking up the pieces,” said Adante Pointer, who represents several of the victims’ families. “This holiday will never be the same for those families. This is not a trick or treat but a much more solemn holiday around the loss of their loved ones.”

The Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office is handling the case. They say there is no update.

“The only people who are in position to bring the people who caused this to justice are law enforcement, and I believe the sheriff’s office was taking the lead in that, and despite making a couple of arrests and making a big splash in media, all those people were released,” Pointer said.

Even after four years, this is still considered an open investigation. Anyone with information can reach out to the sheriff’s office.