SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — People are gathering at Harvey Milk Plaza Sunday night to mourn the anniversary of the assassination of Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone.

One of the biggest themes talked about by many of the speakers at the memorial was love is stronger than hate, and the only way to fight hate is by doing it together.

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“This should be played only in the event of my death by assassination.”

That was the voice of Harvey Milk. The recording was played at the memorial marking the 44th anniversary of his assassination. Mayor George Moscone was also killed that day.

Milk went on to say in the recording that he understood that as a gay activist he could become the victim of an assassination at any moment. Vice President of the Harvey Milk LGBTQ+ Democratic Club Jeffrey Kwong says they continue to try and bring milk’s vision for San Francisco to life — even after his death.

Unfortunately, people at the event say the same type of hatred and gun violence is still rampant in 2022 as it was in 1978. Just a little more than a week ago, there was a mass shooting at Club Q in Colorado Springs that took five lives.

“It is a sad tragic day to have to come in San Francisco not only to mourn assassinations 44 years ago but to feel sorry to mourn a tragic set of killings in Colorado,” said former SF supervisor Carol Ruth Silver.