(KRON) — After Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson suffered injuries in the NFC Championship Game, the San Francisco 49ers found themselves out of options at quarterback.

Trey Lance broke his ankle in Week 2 of the season, and Jimmy Garoppolo broke his foot in Week 13. With no healthy quarterbacks remaining, Kyle Shanahan planned to get creative if the 49ers had advanced to the Super Bowl.

The San Francisco head coach confirmed Wednesday that the team would have signed longtime San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers if the team had found a way to beat the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship Game.

Rivers played 16 seasons for the Chargers and one for the Indianapolis Colts. He made the Pro Bowl eight times and is the sixth-leading passer in NFL history.

His last NFL season was in 2020, and he would have been 41 years old for Super Bowl LVII. Still, Shanahan said he would have been ready to go.

“He was prepared to. Now that’s stuff we talked about throughout the whole year. We would’ve had to seen how that was for the Super Bowl, but that was the plan most of the year,” Shanahan said.

After retiring, Rivers took a job coaching football at St. Michael Catholic High School in his home state of Alabama.

In 2023, the 49ers are set to move forward with Purdy at quarterback. Lance and Sam Darnold will be on the team as well.