SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (KRON) — In San Rafael, at least five people have died at a skilled nursing facility after being infected with COVID-19.​

Dozens of residents and staff have also tested positive for the virus.​

Foot traffic was light Saturday at Marin Post Acute in San Rafael.​

Just a few people dropping items off and, some staff walking in and out of the facility that sits next door to Betty Holm’s house.​

“Concerned of course for the residents and the staff,” Holm said. “I’m an ex-nurse myself, and know the challenges that poses.”​

A spokesperson for the skilled nursing facility confirms 46 in-house patients have tested positive for COVID-19.

As have 13 staff members who are off-site, isolating at their homes, at least five patients have also died.​

“Wouldn’t say my fear increased, but I certainly am wearing my mask outside and walking on the other side of the street,” Holm said.

As for all of the staff members and residents that have not tested positive for the virus, the facility spokesperson says they’re being tested on a weekly basis.​

“I know they’re doing their very best,” a neighbor said.

The infections reported despite the facility taking pre-cautions to keep residents and patients safe.​

Access to the facility has been restricted since March.​

But as skilled nursing operations across the Bay Area have struggled to prevent outbreaks, some neighbors near Marin Post Acute were concerned the facility could be vulnerable because of it’s aging population.

“As things have gone on, yes, I assumed, because I have a cousin across the Bay who is in a care home, and he had the coronavirus and thankfully survived,” a neighbor said.

Marin County Public Health says it believes the peak of the outbreak has already passed.

Adding that the administration at Marin Post Acute has been fully transparent and cooperative with the health department.​

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