SAN JOSE, Calif. (KRON) – Santa Clara County is seeing a higher number of unhoused people dying on its streets compared to this time last year.

Fifty-seven unhoused people have died on the streets in Santa Clara County since the beginning of this year, according to the county coroner. That number was 51 at this time last year.

“It should have been that it is lower because we opened emergency evacuation center, we kept people in tents, the county has given out rain gear… should have been we’re lower than last year but instead we’re higher,” said Shaunn Cartwright, a homeless advocate with the Unhoused Response Group. 

Cartwright blames the problem on the City of San Jose, saying officials sweep homeless from one place to another without a permanent plan. The weather this year hasn’t helped.

“We’ve shown up and seen people in the pouring rain,” she said.

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San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan has pledged to end homelessness in the city. On Tuesday, San Jose City Council unanimously approved a partnership between the city and Valley Water.

Valley Water has plans for a flood protection project in Coyote Creek. The water district will split the cost with the city and contribute $4.8 million to evacuate and rehouse 120 to 200 people living along the creek.