MARIN, Calif. (KRON) – A 75-year-old vaccinated resident in Marin County has died due to COVID-19 complications, according to Marin County Public Health.

County officials say that among the 187 recorded COVID deaths, this is the first death of a vaccinated person.

While death among those vaccinated is rare, people with a pre-existing health condition or are older in age are at the highest risk to have severe symptoms or die.

A statement released by public health officials says, “Vaccinations remain our most effective tool in preventing severe illness a death. COVID-19 mortality in Marin has dropped more than twenty fold since January after the wide uptake of vaccines. Currently, over 95 percent of residents over age 65 are vaccinated.”

Health officials are urging the county to focus on community wellness by getting vaccinated and wear your mask, regardless of vaccination status.

No other details regarding the 75-year-old resident have been released.